UK University & Personal Statement Advice

UK University & Personal Statement Advice

UK university applications can be tough! With limited knowledge of your chosen subject, it is difficult to write a convincing personal statement. Showing a superficial interest in the subject will make your UCAS application uncompetitive. As your degree will affect your future career options, do get our help to understand it more. As experienced advisors in our academic fields, we will be more than happy to help. Find out more by clicking your interested subject below, and feel free to ask a question about them!

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Why Do I Need Admissions Advice?

The biggest challenges we faced when we approached the university admissions process was threefold. We wish to help new cohorts of students alleviate these difficulties:

  1. You will not understand what it is like to study your subject for 3 years, unless someone who did it explains it to you
  2. Despite all the information on university sites, the description they provide about their courses are vague and difficult to understand without prior knowledge in the field. Furthermore, they do not provide any indication of the actual experience and challenges while studying the courses.

  3. There is little to no information about what university admissions tutors look for
  4. Sure, universities are always happy to tell you grade requirements, but for very competitive programmes, purely meeting their grades are not enough to result in an offer. For example, only 6.7% of applicants are actually granted a place to study BSc. Economics at LSE, even though a lot more may qualify in terms of their predicted grades. Without the right elements expressed in your personal statement, there is simply little to no choice in receiving an offer.

  5. It is difficult for you to predict how future career options may be affected by what you choose to study
  6. If I study Law, what career options will there be if I ultimately do not wish to become a solicitor or barrister? How much does studying Economics actually help in getting an offer at an investment bank? Those are some questions that students may have before considering a subject. Without the right knowledge to make an informed decision, there is a high risk of making a mistaken, irreversible choice.

Why Qurious Education?

Most of our current admissions advisors have already finished studying our own subjects at an Undergraduate/Masters level at a top UK university. We have gone through the UCAS admissions process and will maximise your chances of receiving an offer for competitive programmes. Furthermore, we can provide valuable insights on the study experience, the academic field itself, and potential career paths post-graduation. As international students ourselves we understand your concerns, and used to study in China and Hong Kong. One of our missions is to help future students like you make an intelligent and informed decision for your higher education. If you wish to find out more about us, please click through to one of the subject pages above. Feel free to ask a question about your interested subject!

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