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Why Qurious Education?

Qurious Mentors are whole-heartedly dedicated to their students. With an average of 2 hours preparation time for each lesson, we ensure contact time with the student is maximised with careful, customised planning. We are very patient, and give our tutees significant amounts of encouragement to motivate them in the subjects they are studying. By doing so, our lessons are much more effective than your normal tutor.

Being dedicated is of utmost importance, but is not enough. Great tutors naturally make students listen, respond and engage with lesson content. We strive to adopt a charismatic style of teaching, and shape syllabus content in an intriguing way, which brings out the natural curiosity of students. This way, we do not only train students for exams, but help them develop an interest in the subject for life.

The last powerful attribute of Mentors at Qurious is their insightfulness. By this we mean being able to identify issues and problems in work done by students. A valuable skill which requires considerable experience and subject knowledge, it helps our Mentors pinpoint the way forward for each mentee. Our Mentors lead the way in working with addressing these inadequacies to ensure students reach their biggest potential in a limited amount of time.