About Us

About Us

Qurious Education is a network of mentors, tutors and admissions advisors that are based in London. The three main services we currently provide is teaching & tuition (in-person & online video), undergraduate admissions advice (UK and UCAS focused), and postgraduate admissions advice (business schools focused). Most of us are international students from China and Hong Kong who settled in the UK, so we understand your concerns. Our mission is to help future students like you get the most out of your education, and avoid potential mistakes/pitfalls we learnt from. We have significant experience/knowledge in our field and share the values below.

Our key values are derived from 3 main pillars:

Qurious Mentors are whole-heartedly dedicated to their students. We prepare all our sessions to ensure valuable time with the student is maximised, and is willing to go the extra mile. Being patient and continuing to motivate/guide students is another important aspect in this regard. By doing so, our sessions are much more effective than our competitors.

Being dedicated is not enough. Great mentors/tutors/advisors naturally make students listen by bringing out the most interesting areas of the subject, tailored to the student’s needs. We strive to adopt a charismatic style of engagement in sessions, to bring out the natural curiosity of students. This way, we hope to help students develop and discover their academic interests in life.

The last powerful attribute of Qurious mentors and teachers is their insightfulness. By this we mean being able to identify issues and problems in students. A valuable skill which requires considerable experience, it helps us pinpoint the way forward for each student/mentee. We lead the way in addressing these inadequacies to ensure students reach their biggest potential in a limited amount of time.