About Us

About Us

Learning should be enjoyable due to the natural curiosity we have as humans. Sadly, students often lose it somewhere along the way. Sometimes its because we can’t see how our lives can relate to what we’re learning, and at other times it comes down to the immense pressure that students face in meeting expectations. In this day and age of rapid technological change, to not learn is equivalent to being extinct. Our mission at Qurious Education is to provoke curiosity in students toward their studies – to help them learn better through motivation, whilst coping with grades and expectations.

We do this in a variety of ways: from providing practical but interesting resources on our site, to offering private tuition and admissions advice to fund our mission. Streaming free live classes is our newest initiative, where we aim to promote learning in an environment outside of the traditional classroom. We are based in London, and hope to meet you in-person or online!

We are currently streaming free A-Level/IB Economics classes live on Twitch, and are posting recordings of our classes on YouTube. Be sure to tune in with your friends and classmates!

We do have a Facebook page and is in the process of setting up our Discord server. You can also contact us at help@wearequrious.com

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Our Founder

Hi I’m Wil! I was an Economics teacher/examiner at a UK independent school in the past, and am a LSE alumni who does not work in banking! Nowadays I tutor Economics and Maths full-time for Qurious Education. If you wish to discover alternatives to learning Economics in the traditional classroom, we are here to explore different ways to learn. I believe technological change has forever changed how we consume information, and the education industry needs to catch-up. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, collaboration ideas, or just to say hi!

Our Key Values

The 3 key values below help guide Qurious Education mentors, tutors, admissions advisors and staff to help achieve our mission.

Qurious Mentors are whole-heartedly dedicated to their students. This means students come first, rather than parents/teachers/profits. We prepare all our sessions to ensure valuable time with the student is maximised, and is willing to go the extra mile. Being patient and continuing to motivate/guide students is another important aspect in this regard. By doing so, our sessions are much more effective.

Being dedicated is not enough. Great mentors/tutors/advisors naturally make students listen by bringing out the most interesting areas of the subject, tailored to the student’s needs. We strive to adopt a charismatic style of engagement in sessions, to bring out the natural curiosity of students. This way, we hope to help students develop and discover their academic interests in life.

The last powerful attribute of Qurious mentors and teachers is their insightfulness. By this we mean being able to identify issues and problems in students. A valuable skill which requires considerable experience, it helps us pinpoint the way forward for each student/mentee. We lead the way in addressing these inadequacies to ensure students reach their biggest potential in a limited amount of time.