Differentiate your Essay

  • Your essay/personal statement is the key element in differentiating your application from other candidates to make yourself stand out. A large number of applicants can come from the same school (what admissions call "feeder schools"), with work experience in the same companies, as well as high GMAT/GRE scores and academic grades.
  • It is the backbone of your entire application as it ties together your personality, experiences and motivations to tell a compelling story to the admissions officer of why you fit the programme and school, rather than just cold hard facts.
  • You can use it to directly address weaknesses in your application and potentially turn it into an advantage.
As you can see, your essay/personal statement can either separate you from the crowd or get you rejected with them.
  • Postgraduate essays/personal statements are significantly different, as most successful candidates will have work experiences and other elements to include. Furthermore, the requirements vary depending if you are applying to business schools vs academic universities across countries. You will definitely need help if this is your first time applying to a UK school.
  • Having your essay/personal statement inspected from an admissions perspective can help you understand how persuasive your essay is, how to improve it further and gain an edge over your competition. It is very difficult to be critical of your own work.
  • Planning your essay with us can ensure we draw out and showcase your most relevant experiences, motivations and capabilities in the best way. Inspirational ideas will also be provided to make your essay stand out.
This service is tailored for anyone who is applying to a Masters in Finance or Masters in Management related programme in a business school or university. Using my personal experience with London Business School (LBS) and London School of Economics (LSE), you will definitely find my advice valuable.

How We Add Value

  • Planning the essay together, we will provide direction and inspiration to draw out your strongest motivations to study the programme through a call, and present it in a way to make you stand out. Cherry-picking the most relevant and convincing experiences to showcase, we will also ensure you understand and utilise essential information about the course.
  • When reviewing first drafts, we read it at least 3 separate times to critically assess the main argument, the structure, and the logic/flow of each sentence. We provide substantial reasoning for our suggestions, and will refund you if we do not find any areas to improve.
  • Finally, we help you avoid pitfalls usual candidates make. This can range from using a weak, generic motivation, an overemphasis on personal experiences, to being misconceived about expectations from admissions.

Your Dedicated Advisor

Having worked at London Business School, I had the opportunity to analyse essays written by successful and unsuccessful masters applicants, across both finance and management programmes. From my experience, candidates with strong profiles can suffer rejection with essay issues; such as a lack of focus/research, over-emphasis on certain elements, and having a motivation unfit for the course. My undergraduate personal statement enabled me to study Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE), and receive offers from 4 out of my 5 chosen schools, including the University of Warwick. I really hope to be able to share my knowledge and admissions perspective with you!

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