Economics Tuition & Mentorship

Economics Tuition & Mentorship

Syllabus Covered: IB, GCE A-Levels, IAL/CIE, GCSE, IGCSE

Most students do not think they need Economics tuition, until they start working on essay-based questions in mock exams. This is because Economic concepts are relatively easy to understand with most relating to real life. However, when answer essay-questions, they lack structure applying those concepts, and need help with evaluating Economic theory. When this happens, they do not have sufficient time to develop these skills, given the real exam is within 1~2 months. Hence, long term Economics tuition and mentoring is important to build up your capability in evaluating and analysing Economic theory.


Top 25 School Teacher | AQA Examiner | LSE | 5A*/A

Hi I’m Wilfred! I had been a part-time teacher at a UK top 25 independent school, while tutoring and teaching 50+ students. With experience as an A-Level Examiner for AQA and OCR, I have a thorough understanding of assessment criteria. Before all that, I graduated from LSE with a BSc. Economics degree and was admitted with 5A*/As in my A-Levels.


MSc. Economics Warwick | BSc. Economics UCL | 4A*/A

Hey there, I’m Edward. Having graduated from an MSc. Economics degree from Warwick University, and a BSc. Economics degree from UCL, I am a confident, knowledgeable and experienced tutor for A-Level Economics. Previously I achieved 4A*/As in my GCE A-Level results, with an A in Economics.


“Hands down the best! After a long search for a quality Economics tutor I started with Wil. First of all he is a Wizard in his field, but the extra work he does to make sure you understand, and further have the study materials you need is amazing. This is the difference between the good and the great. Qurious Education is great. I can only imagine all the other services they provide are at the same very high standard as Wil. He told me the grade I was looking at, at the end of all of our sessions. This is the exact grade I received when I checked my exam results, and it got me into university!” IB Economics Student

“We are very pleased with Wilfred’s Lessons. There is visible preparation prior to his lesson to the student. Bespoke analysis to the student at hand. Dedicated examples throughout the lesson. Proper review of homework.” Parent of an Economics Student

“Wilfred was a very able student with a good grasp of economic concepts and the ability to explain theories clearly and succinctly… Wilfred had a vibrant personality and strong interpersonal skills and a good work ethic. He would be capable of understanding the exam criteria and marking in accordance with examiner guidelines.” Former Senior Examiner for AQA Economics

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