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Hi I’m Wilfred! I am a past Economics teacher at a UK top 25 independent school, and graduated from LSE with a BSc. Economics degree. Furthermore, I had also been an A-Level Economics Examiner with the OCR and AQA exam boards. Throughout my tutoring career of 3+ years, I have been teaching/tutoring 50+ students for A-Levels, IB and GCSE. Having achieved 5A*/As in my A-Levels, I strive to balance my lessons with interesting real world examples and exam practice. Nowadays I tutor full-time for Qurious Education.
Wilfred - Economics Mentor
Economics can be hard because of the evaluation and essay writing skills involved, which I can help with. To help students with exam technique, I provide them with an essay writing framework for which they can follow. For Economics concepts, I focus on training up their chain of reasoning to ensure a clear, solid understanding of Economic theory.


  5A*/As at GCE A-Levels

We will answer your question by email and send you relevant notes/materials for your Economics course.

Teaching Experience

Apart from teaching at a top UK independent school, I also delivered Economics exam-technique sessions at another school as a dedicated Economics tutor. I have experience teaching IB, AQA, OCR and Edexcel Examination Boards; as well as IAL (International A-Levels) and CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). My lessons are highly personalised, and I put an emphasis on understanding the needs of each student. What I find really rewarding is the camaraderie I share with my tutees, and my success in increasing their confidence and motivation towards the subject.

On average, my students improve by 1-2 grades given sufficient contact time and hard work. I have tutored students from top schools including St. Paul Girls’ School, Merchant Taylors’ School and Hampton School. I believe one of the reasons why 95% of my students continue to have a second lesson with me, is the fact that I received tutoring for 12+ years of my life. Hence, I understand how it feels to be on the other end of the table.


“Hands down the best! After a long search for a quality Economics tutor I started with Wil. First of all he is a Wizard in his field, but the extra work he does to make sure you understand, and further have the study materials you need is amazing. This is the difference between the good and the great. Qurious Education is great. I can only imagine all the other services they provide are at the same very high standard as Wil. He told me the grade I was looking at, at the end of all of our sessions. This is the exact grade I received when I checked my exam results, and it got me into university!” A-Level Economics Student

“Hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had. In just a few lessons Wilfred taught me everything I was confused about in IB Macro and Micro economics. I had a really struggle with diagram and for a while year I couldn’t score highly on test because of that, and Wilfred explained it to me in a way that made much more sens than any of the teachers I ask. I’m quite a handful as a student, I get frustrated very fast and give up really easily too, my teacher told me that she couldn’t help me because I just couldn’t be taught. But again Wilfred made me feel comfortable and told made me realise that it was ok that I was struggling and that I COULD succeed. Thank you so much! I would recommend him to all of my classmates and to anyone who needs help! :)” From an IB Economics Student

“We are very pleased with Wilfred’s Lessons. There is visible preparation prior to his lesson to the student. Bespoke analysis to the student at hand. Dedicated examples throughout the lesson. Proper review of homework.” Parent of an Economics Student

“Wilfred was a very able student with a good grasp of economic concepts and the ability to explain theories clearly and succinctly… Wilfred had a vibrant personality and strong interpersonal skills and a good work ethic. He would be capable of understanding the exam criteria and marking in accordance with examiner guidelines.” Former Senior Examiner for AQA Economics

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