Economics Personal Statement & Admissions Advice

Economics Personal Statement & Admissions Advice

You may already be studying Economics at IB or A-Level, but Economics at university level is on a different paradigm. The extensive use of mathematical models and statistics at research focused universities in the UK will surprise you. Hence it is important to write your personal statement with that in mind, in addition to other aspects required to make a competitive application. Why not ask us a free question to know more about Economics at university and potential career paths afterwards? Also compare entry requirements for top UK Economics courses if you plan to apply.

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Hi I’m Wilfred! I graduated from a BSc. Economics degree at the London School of Economics (LSE), and received offers from 4 out of 5 UK universities applied for; including the University of Warwick, Bath and Bristol. After I graduated, I worked closely with the admissions team at London Business School (LBS) and reviewed a substantial number of personal statements and CVs submitted by high-caliber applicants for Finance and Management Masters programmes. Hence, I have experience providing admissions advice from both an overseas applicant and from a school’s admissions perspective. With an existing network of LSE schoolmates working in both London and Hong Kong, I have full understanding of potential career paths after graduating with an Economics degree. To be very honest, my university experience did not turn out to be what I expect in terms of subject content, my peer group and my career. I will very much like to share you my experience, such that you can decide if Economics is for you, and maximise your chances of getting into top UK Economics programmes!

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How We Add Value

Here are the specific areas which we can offer help with:

In this initial step, our advisors will first provide crucial information for the candidate to further explore and decide on the field they wish to study. After thorough research and analysing the pros and cons of studying your preferred degree, we will move on to strategically choosing 5 university courses together to apply through the UCAS admissions process. The course choice should depend on 1. the student's subject combinations and academic profile 2. the student's interests (he/she may opt for a dual subject or degree) 3. If he/she may apply to other universities overseas. Hence, we personalise our advice for each student individually.
After identifying the preferred subject choice, we would then encourage the student to participate in key activities that demonstrate their interest in field of study. This is a very important step in increasing their chances of receiving an offer. The type of activity which the student should participate in depends on extra-curricular activities provided by his/her school, potential summer/part-time work experiences, and other opportunities that may be provided by our advisor with a separate fee.
When the student has finished participating in his/her planned activities, he/she would be ready to include it in his/her personal statement. Of course, there are a few elements that the student should include to avoid being rejected, which varies for different subjects. Another important step is to ensure his/her personal statement stands out, especially if he/she is applying to top universities. We will provide advice and guidance on what to include and how to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd.
Once the student receives most of his/her offers, he/she will need to confirm a course as his/her first choice and another course as his secondary (insurance) choice. This can sometimes be tricky if the conditional grades required between universities are similar. At this stage, it is also the time to narrow down and make the best choice on where the student wishes to spend 3 years of their life at.
Finally, once offers are confirmed, we also provide further advice on how the student can get a head start on their subject and to maximise their study experience at their university. Having a right and positive peer group is especially important, as well as grasping key opportunities during university to ensure they have a solid chance of getting onto the right career track. This may involve applying to summer internships or studying key qualifications.


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UCAS University Applicant

“The advice you earn from Wilfred is simply verbal Gold dust!

Just spending time with him on the phone i learnt so much and he gave me huge tips on how to stand out on my personal statement which i don’t believe i was able to obtain anywhere else…I would honestly recommend service from Wilfred REGARDLESS if you’re applying for top unis or not and just want guidance, the tools i have acquired from Wilfred has not only improved my perception on my academic side of things, but also my perception on life itself!”

UCAS University Applicant

“My first session with Qurious Education was informative and very useful! I recommend it to anyone who needs support with UCAS personal statements and just University advice in general.”

Postgraduate University Applicant

“I think it is difficult to say why Qurious Education is excellent in a few words. The cooperation was great all the time. I have certainly received a lot of help with the application process and essays for London Business School (which I received the admission offer from!). No matter how many times I asked about the same thing or how trivial the question might have seemed, I knew I always could count on advice and answer.

I’m very thankful for such a great support! I believe the service is invaluable!”

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