Law Personal Statement Example

Applying to study a UK LLB Law degree but not sure how to approach your UCAS Law personal statement? On this page, you can find a proven example that received an interview offer from Cambridge BA Law (LLB).

The applicant achieved IB grades of 43/45 during the time of his application. Most offers for top UK law degrees are A*AA or AAA; or 38-40/45 Points in IB.

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Why Reading Examples Are Not Enough

Reading this example is insufficient for writing a good personal statement of your own. You need to understand why it was written this way, and the criteria admissions tutors look for in assessing students.

Another point is a large number of applicants would have read the same online examples. They are likely to write the same way and incorporate the same things. This can be detrimental to your UCAS application, if you cannot stand out against other Law degree candidates.

In the end, writing a Law personal statement is hard work. It is a process for you to figure out if the subject is for you. This is why it is not a bad idea to get some help from our advisors who studied at top institutions and have been through it all.

Contact our advisor if you want us to help with the following:

  • To understand the criteria LLB admissions tutors look for
  • Explain the components written in this example statement and what to improve on
  • Make your personal statement stand out with personal motivations and experiences

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