Economics A-Level Specification (All Exam Boards)

Download the Economics A-Level Specification for Edexcel, AQA, OCR, IAL, CIE, Eduqas and WJEC exam boards below, including their AS Level. The syllabus and curriculum of each course is also included in the specification document. Please note that due to various syllabus changes, we have listed the most recent version according to the year they are published. You can use this page to help compare Economics A-Level courses for different exam boards.

Relevant resources:
View the Edexcel Economics A Syllabus and AQA Economics Syllabus online.
Visit our Economics notes & questions by topic for practicing and revising certain areas of the course.
Download 2018 Economics past-papers for the exam boards below.

Edexcel B

Edexcel Economics B from 2015
A-Level Specification Download
AS-Level Specification Download


International Advanced Levels Economics from 2018
A-Level & AS Specification Download


Cambridge International Levels Economics from 2019
A-Level & AS Specification Download

Need Help?

Need help with studying material from these A-Level Economics courses? Ask our Economics Tutor a free question or get a personalised 1 to 1 online lesson with us today. Alternatively, check out our Economics revision notes by topic to refresh your memory.

Other Resources

You can find related Economics resources for your respective course on each exam board’s resource pages below:

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  • AQA Economics subject page
  • OCR Economics subject page
  • Edexcel Economics B subject page
  • IAL Economics subject page
  • CIE Economics subject page
  • Eduqas Economics subject page
  • WJEC Economics subject page
  • Copyright for these Economics A-Level specification materials belong to their respective examination boards but not Qurious Education Ltd.

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