Free Online Economics Class for A-Level & IB

Free Online Economics Class for A-Level & IB


Good news! We are planning to launch free online Economics classes to help students catch up on missed teaching during the Covid pandemic. The classes will be streamed live informally, so you will be able to ask questions and interact with our Economics mentor. We are aiming for these lessons to take place weekly for pre-university students (year 12 & year 13), and anyone who is interested to get a basic understanding of Economics. The classes will be based on topics in the A-Level/IB Economics curriculum, with recent news examples and some exam practice. Currently we are looking to start them in September on weekend mornings or afternoons (UK time), but this depends on student numbers – sign-up now so we can start our classes sooner! You may also win an Economics personal statement review* by joining us.

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Who will be Teaching the Economics Classes?
Our Economics mentor Wil will be teaching the classes to start. He contributes to the Economics notes, questions and admissions advice you can find on Qurious Education. Here is a message from him below:

Wilfred - Economics MentorHi I’m Wil! Are you a bit tired of how Economics is taught in the traditional classroom? Well, I am. Now I’m not saying the cumbersome bits of Economic theory isn’t important – I am familiar with them, having graduated from LSE Economics and taught the subject for the past few years. However, I do believe there other innovative ways to learn Economics, which is what we are trying to achieve in our live Economics classes. Practical but wacky examples, more concise concepts, and a more transparent thought process can help students see the subject in another light.


What will the Free Economics Class Cover?
We will cover the list of topics and concepts in A-Level/IB Economics, and support your understanding with recent Economic news, relevant real life examples, Economics theory and diagrams, and even some exam technique. We aim to be flexible to start so we can respond to our students’ needs. If a large number of students need help for the upcoming Autumn A-Level exams, we may put a bigger focus on exam questions. In general, we may look at following the teaching schedule with schools, so students can ask questions on the topic during the live lesson, or simply tune in for revision. Nevertheless, we hope to keep the lessons informal and interesting enough such that even those that are not familiar with the syllabus can tune-in easily.

What Resources will We Use?
We will mainly use Economics notes, slides and questions on our site, but also recent news material for educational purposes. On occasion we will also direct you to other resources like Tutor2u, EconPlusDal etc. when suitable. If you would like to do some preparation on your own before class, it would be best to use our Economics notes by topic page and read or watch the relevant resources beforehand. Of course, we also have questions by topic and past-papers for Edexcel and AQA exam board on our site. We suggest that you work on relevant questions on what we have covered after class as homework to ensure you get the most out of it. Afterwards, you can check the mark scheme or model answers (Edexcel only at the moment).

Why Join Our Free Online Economics Class?
– Win an Economics personal statement review*
– Revise a topic by joining our lesson (especially if you are taking exams in Sep/Oct/Dec)
– Ask questions on a topic you are confused with
– Find out if Economics at university is for you
– Study Economics if you are not offered teaching at school/home
– Boost your predicted and actual grades
– Improve your confidence in Economics
– Understand how Economics can affect your daily life
– Come for a laugh!

How Can I Join the Class?
Once we have enough students interested, we will stream the class live. We will email you the lesson dates and a hyperlink to watch us on a streaming platform like YouTube – so register your interest now! Hopefully this should be quite straightforward. However, you may need an account with the platform to chat during our stream.

What will You Achieve by Joining Us?
For students currently studying A-Level/IB Economics, we expect their grade to improve by 1-2 levels if they join us consistently, keep up with lesson preparation, and work on relevant questions after class. If you have not studied Economics before, you can sit the UK A-Level exam to acquire the Economics A-Level qualification, providing that you combine our classes with extensive hours of study and tuition. At the minimum, you will be able to gain general knowledge for the subject, and understand how Economics can affect you in your daily lives.

Are There Any Pre-requisites for Class?
As there will be some Mathematics involved when explaining concepts, it will be helpful if you have done GCSE Mathematics before. Of course, any prior Economics knowledge will be very helpful as well, especially if you are currently studying it at school.

Sign-Up for the Free Economics Class
Our classes will start once we have enough students, so please register with your email to indicate your interest. You will be notified by email from our Economics e-newsletter the start date once lessons are confirmed.

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Not yet convinced? You can visit our Edexcel, AQA or IB Economics notes directory to get an idea of how we will help you with Economics.

Win an Economics Personal Statement Review*
If we receive enough interest to start our free Economics class, up to 3 participants will be gifted with a free Economics personal statement review. The review will be conducted by our Economics admissions advisor, who will provide personalised, detailed suggestions on your Economics personal statement by email. Sign-up today and attend our free upcoming A-Level/IB Economics class for a chance to win!