Management & Business Personal Statement Advice

Management & Business Personal Statement Advice

Management is an discipline which touches upon a variety of academic fields, such as accounting, finance, marketing, economics and even psychology. Hence, writing an appropriate personal statement for the subject is no easy task. Due to the general nature of the course, it is important to be specific about your experiences relating to business, but also bring in an academic perspective. Some undergraduate courses are also relatively more mathematical, such as the relatively new BSc. Management Sciences at UCL or the more established BSc. Management at LSE.

Your Dedicated Advisor

Susan has reviewed and edited 50+ personal statements, and has significant experience in applying to Management/Business degrees at top schools for both undergraduate and postgraduate level. With her advice, applicants were successfully admitted into top schools including LSE, UCL, Imperial College, Warwick, Durham and CASS Business School. She received a Masters Degree at UCL and have been working in the UK Higher Education sector post graduation. Helpful and friendly, she is very willing to share her insights for getting accepted to study a Management or Business degree at a top university with you.


How We Add Value

Here are the specifics on how we can offer help with your personal statement:

  1. Thorough personal statement editing and proofreading, with suggestions on areas to improve
  2. Discuss and give direction to your personal statement structure
  3. Ensure relevant content is included to fit key admissions criteria
  4. Present your experiences and motivations to study the subject in a convincing manner
  5. Help you include personalised experiences to stand out from the crowd


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UCAS University Applicant

“Just spending time with him (Qurious Education advisor) on the phone i learnt so much and he gave me huge tips on how to stand out on my personal statement which i don’t believe i was able to obtain anywhere else…”

UCAS University Applicant

“My first session with Qurious Education was informative and very useful! I recommend it to anyone who needs support with UCAS personal statements and just University advice in general.”

Postgraduate University Applicant

“I think it is difficult to say why Qurious Education is excellent in a few words. The cooperation was great all the time. I have certainly received a lot of help with the application process and essays for London Business School (which I received the admission offer from!). No matter how many times I asked about the same thing or how trivial the question might have seemed, I knew I always could count on advice and answer.

I’m very thankful for such a great support! I believe the service is invaluable!”

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