Optimise your CV

  • Your CV opens the door for interviews/numerical tests when applying to a company, most business schools, and some postgraduate degrees. Your application is likely to be prioritised based on your CV.
  • It is the first impression you make in most cases, and can outright cost you an opportunity if it is not optimised or lack certain elements. Hence, it needs to be irrefusable.
  • In some cases, you need to know in advance about what you lack to gain those experiences before you apply. Getting a review early grants you higher flexibility and bigger potential.
  • Admissions look for different elements in a CV compared to companies. The weighting given to those elements are also different. For example, work experience in a related field may prove much more valuable to HR than admissions.
  • Each school/company can have distinct expectations, which you need to know. For example, London Business School (LBS) provides applicants with their own CV template.
  • By providing you with an admissions perspective, hidden experiences that are valuable and relevant can be uncovered from your profile. Your existing experiences can also be portrayed in the best way.
This service is tailored for anyone who is applying to a Masters in Finance or Masters in Management related programme in a business school or university. Using my personal experience with London Business School (LBS) and London School of Economics (LSE), you will definitely find my advice valuable.

How We Add Value

  • We identify and sharpen the most relevant experiences you have, and de-emphasize or remove irrelevant ones for admissions to focus on your strengths. If desired, we can also build a new CV together through a planning call.
  • Afterwards, we draw out your best accomplishments and capabilities in each experience. This is essential if you previously worked in a boutique firm, or in a company which is not well known by the local admissions team.
  • If you lack certain experiences, we advise on how to acquire them. We also give suggestions on dealing with time gaps and ensuring your CV is in a readable format.
  • Throughout this process, your eligibility for your target schools will be assessed to help you avoid application fees. You will be fully refunded if we cannot find improvements for your CV, and partially refunded if you are ineligible.

Your Dedicated Advisor

Having worked at London Business School, I have reviewed and assessed 300+ CVs. My own CV enabled me to receive online tests/interviews from top consultancies including McKinsey, OC&C, Oliver Wyman, Accenture and Deloitte (Advisory). I was also offered 6 positions across 5 industries in my current career. Having made numerous mistakes and learning from them, I am very keen to help you acquire the skills to present yourself excellently via your CV, by keeping the recipient’s perspective in mind.

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