Pharmacy Personal Statement & Admissions Advice

Pharmacy Personal Statement & Admissions Advice

It can be difficult for students to comprehend what studying pharmacy involves, given they may only have exposure to chemistry & biology as two separate subjects. This limits their capability to demonstrate their interest in their pharmacy personal statement. Furthermore, many have limited information on career opportunities available after completing the MPharm degree. Our advisor, a hospital pharmacist, can help provide you the right perspective and information required to show your passion towards pharmacy in your personal statement.

Your Dedicated Advisor

As a practising hospital pharmacist at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, I have daily ward commitments and strive to deliver timely, compassionate care to my patients. I am also involved in the education and training of my junior colleagues and frequently deliver training sessions to colleagues in other medical professions.

Being deeply involved in the education of my peers, I take joy in sharing my knowledge with others and seeing them realise their potential. I am happy to advise on undergraduate university applications, university life and its transition from high school, pharmacy placement advice and details of the pharmacy profession.


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How We Can Help

We can support you in the three key areas below. Why not clear out all your doubts on your UCAS university application at only the price of a tuition session?

We help advise on all aspects of your personal statement, ranging from the planning of your initial draft, suggested subject-related activities to attend, and demonstrating your interest to study your degree. There are a few elements that the student should include to avoid being rejected, which varies for different subjects. Another important step is to ensure your personal statement stands out, especially if applying to top universities.
Students can also choose to have a final review of their UCAS application by us before sending it. We can provide detailed feedback on what to change in their personal statement or university choices given their academic profile. This ensures they maximise their potential through the application, and avoid the uncertainty of going into clearing.
The insight we share on university/course choice include whether the actual content studied on the course is suitable for the candidate, the university experience overall, and post-university career options. This is done before the application is submitted, and after offers are received to decide on firm and insurance choice of universities. We also provide a strategy on grasping key opportunities during university to ensure a solid chance of getting onto your preferred career, such as applying to key internships.


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UCAS University Applicant

“Just spending time with him (Qurious Education advisor) on the phone i learnt so much and he gave me huge tips on how to stand out on my personal statement which i don’t believe i was able to obtain anywhere else…”

UCAS University Applicant

“My first session with Qurious Education was informative and very useful! I recommend it to anyone who needs support with UCAS personal statements and just University advice in general.”

Postgraduate University Applicant

“I think it is difficult to say why Qurious Education is excellent in a few words. The cooperation was great all the time. I have certainly received a lot of help with the application process and essays for London Business School (which I received the admission offer from!). No matter how many times I asked about the same thing or how trivial the question might have seemed, I knew I always could count on advice and answer.

I’m very thankful for such a great support! I believe the service is invaluable!”

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