2018 A-Level Economics Predicted Questions

Below you can find the 2018 A-Level Economics predicted questions we came up with. It will be good practice for you to plan out a response for each of the essay questions below. These predictions are based on the recency of these issues and are organised by topic. They should be relevant to all A-Level exam boards apart from the synoptic Microeconomic and Macroeconomic essays particular to Edexcel.

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Topic: Price Controls / Government Intervention

Evaluate whether Scotland’s minimum price on alcohol is the most effective policy to reduce the negative effects of alcohol on society.
Extract 1: Scotland ends cheap booze as minimum price starts (BBC)
Extract 2: Scotland awaits minimum alcohol pricing with mixed emotions (Guardian)

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Topic: Contestability / Market Structures

To what extent should the government intervene to ensure high contestability in private markets?
Extract 1: Monopolies are on the rise
Extract 2: IMF warns that tech giants stifle innovation and threaten stability

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Topic: Labour Market

Evaluate the microeconomic and macroeconomic impact on the UK if the government adopts a loose immigration policy on EU migrants, similar to that of Germany’s.
Extract 1: UK and German immigration: a tale of two very different laws
Extract 2: Most refugees to be jobless for years

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Topic: Fiscal Policy / Government Budget

Evaluate the effectiveness of UK austerity programmes in reducing the government’s sustained budget deficit.
Extract 1: UK Government austerity programme (Opening paragraph and “Response” section)
Extract 2: Impacts of British Austerity

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Topic: Monetary Policy / Inflation

The reason that the BoE tightened interest rates to 0.75% is for controlling inflation effectively. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Extract: Interest rates rise to highest level in a decade

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Topic: Free Trade / International Economics

Trade wars are always detrimental to domestic industries and economic growth. Discuss whether you agree with this statement from a microeconomic and a macroeconomic standpoint.
Extract: Trade wars cost US and China billions

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