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Syllabus Covered: A-Level, GCSE, IGCSE

Osmosis, mitosis and meiosis are just three confusing concepts that biology students need to learn. With a large depositary of biology vocabulary and lab practicals, it can be a challenging subject for many. Furthermore, biology papers require students to explain these mechanisms in a particular way. Hence the need for tuition support in the subject.

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Availability: Online and In-Person (London), for Individual/Group Lessons
Miss Wong - Chemistry Mentor

This is Miss Wong, an experienced teacher who has been teaching for 3 years. I am a specialist in GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Phsyics. Having studied Advanced Level Chemistry and Biology, I am also competent in teaching A Level content.

I hold a master of education with the University of Exeter. I am very aware and proficient in applying suitable strategies when teaching different content and presenting materials to students with different abilities, including those who might be struggling with special educational needs.

The new GCSEs and A Level exams have become more challenging. I can provide adequate assistance to help students achieve the best grades they can, despite of gender, ethnicity and abilities. I have helped able students achieve A*/As in GCSE, and Cs for students with very special needs. It is not only about studying harder, but also studying smarter.

My biology tuition places an emphasis on common weaknesses such as regulation of blood glucose and required biology practicals on osmosis. I also have access to pass examination questions for exam practice. Exam skills can be improved through repeated, deliberate practice with past exam questions, so students can achieve better results.

    5A*/As at GCE A-Levels   HKU School Alumni

Teaching Experience

Apart from having 3+ years teaching experience at a UK school, Miss Wong have been providing private tuition to students who were studying Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics previously. Her education and qualifications are highly sought after as a tutor, with a genuine interest in Special Education Needs (SEN). She has also completed a university thesis on how various factors affect academic achievement.


“…Bespoke analysis to the student at hand. Dedicated examples throughout the lesson. Proper review of homework.” Parent

“Qurious Education is great. I can only imagine all the other services they provide are at the same very high standard… it got me into university!” A-Level Student

“I think it is difficult to say why Qurious Education is excellent in a few words. The cooperation was great all the time. I have certainly received a lot of help… No matter how many times I asked about the same thing or how trivial the question might have seemed, I knew I always could count on advice and answer. I’m very thankful for such a great support! I believe the service is invaluable!” University Student

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